We all continue to strive through these difficult times but let’s not forget the heroes of the world today, the NHS staff, and all those key workers. As a businessman that has had many challenges in my life, nothing compares to the challenges doctors, nurses and everyone involved in this covid-19 world are facing.

We continue to assist in our own little way by oiling the industry wheels. It’s been 3 weeks ago since I put out our intentions to start to abide by government guidelines to our clients, clerks and office staff. We have issued sanitisers, set our office team up as home workers, put in steps that we enforce to our clerks in the field ensuring they remain safe, and working with our clients has helped us to continue as best we can.
Nothing so far this week, has come out from the government that influences our business decisions. It has been great receiving feedback from our clients, especially the ones that have put up key boxes, working with us on the collection and delivery of keys. The virtual tour of empty flats seems to be working for some of you.

One comment received from a client offering advice, which I want to share with you all was: 

“This will be a simultaneous check in and handover, so if you can let me know a ball park time to hand the keys to the tenant, I will let them know to meet you at the property, Where you can flick the keys across the herbaceous border at them, reverse in an Inspector Clouseau style, then run away like a Ninja.  Good luck with your mission”

Cheered all my staff up, comments and advice always welcome! 

Kind regards,
Mike Hinch
Managing Director

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