Here at Hinch Property Management, we are always looking at ways to further assist our clients and we are extremely pleased to launch our new Executive Check Out Service. As a company we have built up a large area of expertise over the last 15 years in the inventory profession, however, we are always striving to improve our services. This desire has led to us to having a direct interest into researching precisely how liability should be placed on a check out report and in turn how much of a contribution, if any, a landlord should receive at the end of a tenancy. As a result, we set out to learn more about the deposit process, how our Check Out reports are used, and subsequently, it has naturally led to us building up a substantial knowledge of arbitration dealings over the last few years.

With the benefit of not only reviewing thousands of check out reports and a number of arbitration reports following disputes, we are now in a position to be aware of how deposits are often shared out, should the report reach an arbitration service.

The Executive Check Out Service will not only place a liability on any dilapidations found but, to also place a ‘suggested cost’ on any dilapidations found at ‘tenant cost’. Using both our industry experience and the benefit of having been to the property, we believe we are in a strong position to suggest an accurate figure be deducted from the deposit based on the information available to us at the time of check out.

We hope that this advisory service will not only act as a strong starting point for any deposit dealings but could benefit you in the busier times of the year. We have found during the successful trial period that this third party, an independent opinion can go a long way in settling deposits, particularly if you yourselves have built up a relationship with the tenant, or if it is a non-managed service offered.


  • No effect on the 48 hour turnaround period of our check out reports
  • A full customer service team following the check out, should there be any queries on the costs suggested.
  • The opportunity to send any information to us that may affect a cost (receipts/invoices)
  • Save time during busy rental periods
  • A professional, non-bias opinion which will evaluate liabilities fairly

The only OPTIONAL information that we require from you is any maintenance/call out charges that you have to enable us to incorporate these into the costings we provide. Alternatively, standard prices will be used.

If you would like to find out more about pricing for our executive check out service please enquire within. The service will simply be added to the current check out fee and subsequently will form part of the usual invoice you receive from us.

If you would like to use the ‘Executive Check Out Service’, or would simply like further information, please do contact any member of the team on 0207 989 9128 to upgrade your checkout package


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